What can we find at All things Hanna?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

First of all my studio, I paint portraits on commission from photo or live.


As you might know, the antiques for sale are from Ploughshare antiques.

We have some lovely pieces and I will put some on the website as well.

I am looking for more models to show the clothes we have available, so we can start adding pieces to the website and social media. If you are interested please sent me an email with a photo (sizes s to xxl).

We will have amazing art for sale by Agnes Jorgensen www.jorgensenart.com

Julie schroeder www.livingwatercolours.com and Bev Galbraith www.bevgalbraithart.com

We will have ladies fashion (Zilch, Esprit, M Made in Italy, Smashed Lemon and more), some gifts and jewelry. In October we will start private parties on Thursday night, groups of 6-8. More about this later.

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