We are taking this ride together... !

Good news, our daughter Darby is coming on board in our growing business.

As many of you know we are a blended family. Brent, Hanna and our 4 creative kids.

The youngest 3 have been growing up together and always have been tightknit siblings.

Two of them are already involved: Jay, our youngest son has been developing this website, our logo and our thank you cards to name a few. Maya, who is going to grade 12 this year already has put her stamp on things as well. Working side by side with Hanna and putting her creative skills to work in her digital art for our little paper bag stickers.

Now Darby, who has had fashion sense and a bubbling creative mind from a very young age has decided to come on board. Already creating stunning flower earrings that will be available for sale, she will be getting her feet wet in every aspect of the store starting September 21st...

Welcome Darby!

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