Private shopping options in difficult times.

Hey ladies, with the ups and downs of the pandemic you need to preserve your mental health. Take a short road trip for a visit and enjoy our freshly ground organic coffee, fresh mint tea from our own in-store herbal garden or other refreshments on us. We have a fully stocked store with lines unique to Westman, for work and pleasure. We make it easy for you to have a relaxed shopping experience and still maintain the social distancing to get this pandemic under control. Check out the private shopping option we are now offering so that you can have the store to yourself with a small group of friends or family.

Private shopping parties will run up until Christmas and can be booked Wednesday till Saturday night.

With the current restrictions:

- Private shopping up to 5 persons with complimentary refreshments.

Please email me or get in contact through our Facebook page or Linked messaging, or Instagram account.

When those restrictions are lifted we will also offer:

- Private shopping party for up to 8 persons with complimentary fresh appetizers and refreshments in Henny's loft and the use of our theatre sized screen to play your favorite music videos. You can have your own fashion show and get a chance to win gift certificates.

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