Award winning artist Annette Smith

Arizona based watercolorist Annette Smith has been developing her artistic skills over the last few decades combining a comprehensive sense of drawing with the added nuances that watercolor affords. Her influences were generated through classes and workshops with noted watercolorists Ted Nuttall, Julie Gilbert-Pollard, Kim Johnson, and the amazing Charles Reid.

Annette is an artist who teaches at Scottsdale Artists' School in Arizona. She holds classes and workshops drawing students from the United States and Canada.

I had the pleasure of following a five day workshop with life models taught by Annette. Her style of painting with watercolor is lively and full of colour. I admire her paintings and have been following her on instagram ever since. I am proud and happy to announce her work will be featured at All Things Hanna.

Annette has won many awards, among other several awards for her portrait of Cecil :

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