All Things Beautiful is now All Things Hanna

A new business venture, a retail store no less, now in 2020?

The art of staying positive and seeing possibilities for a new venture during very challenging times all around the world seems no small matter. Why you might wonder is she starting this now. Will people buy clothes? Will they be interested in art? Will shipments arrive?

The only thing I can know for sure is how I feel:

I feel closer to my community, closer to my country. The world is a big place, and so much is going on. I used to feel more in contact with that big world, but now I am looking closer to home.

I am more interested in local communities and sustainability. I feel like I should be appreciative of myself, my family and my community.

Self care, for me, includes wearing something pretty or very comfy, enjoying the small pleasures in life and creating art. When the outside world gets crazy, the beauty in art and in design becomes more important to me, for feeling good. At All Things Beautiful, the store I closed 10 years ago, we created a shopping environment that made our customers feel good as well. In this former church we are going in a new direction but the intention is the same, to make shopping at it one of life's little pleasures.

Talking about little pleasures:

When you cannot see your loved ones during these times, technology helps us out. Here is my son Jay, at his home in the UK, and daughter Maya and me in our home in Rapid City, on FaceTime.

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