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All Things Hanna is located in a beautiful mid-century former church. It houses Hanna's portrait art studio as well as Women's Fashion Retail and gifts with a focus on sustainability and ethics.

We also offer gift vouchers for you or a friend which can be redeemed either in store or by selecting Manual Payment at checkout.

what we do


Browse a selection of art available to buy or commission art from our artists.


Browse our collection of women's fashion, featuring sustainably minded brands.


Browse a selection of antiques provided by Ploughshare Antiques made of up cycled materials.



Joe Lynch

          "I have known Hanna at a business level, for many years. Last year I learned that Hannah painted with watercolors. I asked her if she would paint my daughter's portrait for a graduation gift. It turned out beautiful! In December we celebrated the birth of my grandson, and Hanna painted a picture that we had of him. This picture exceeded all belief in what an artist can do! As people came in to visit my grandson they were amazed at this stunning painting, as were my family and I. Through this quality work, I know that this is where Hannah‘s heart is; it seems as if a part of her comes through her hands and onto the medium she is painting. Wonderful art by a wonderful woman. Thanks again Hanna, and cheers to your new shop!"

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