Hanna Bordewijk


Hanna Bordewijk was born in a small town in the Netherlands.
Growing up, members of her family always showed an eye for the arts.
Her mother ran her own shop selling handmade items, while one of her
sisters worked in fashion and relocated to Seville, Spain for a time selling
hand painted fans and the other taught art at a college and set up her
own design business, later expanding into festivals and revitalizing a
local museum. 


Hanna, looking for a secure income, initially turned to her other passions
and became a physiotherapist. All was well when suddenly tragedy struck
while on holiday in Turkey with friends. She had been assaulted, raped,
and left in a coma suffering permanent injuries that stopped her from
continuing her career in physiotherapy. 


Hanna, not one to dwell on the past, then started on a new adventure in
life, relocating to Canada in 2002 for a fresh start. In 2004, she started
her own business in the town of Rapid City and later expanded operations
by relocating to Brandon. The business was successful and won awards, including the 2010 Brandon Chamber Business Person of the Year. Family being of great importance to Hanna and due to the fact that running a business takes up an incredible amount of time and energy, Hanna made the tough decision to close her shop and support her kids and mother who’s health had taken a turn for the worst. 


Now, in the past four years, Hanna has been able to explore and expand on her artistic talents with a focus on watercolour portraits. In addition to the workshops she had attended while living in the Netherlands, she has also partaken in numerous online courses and has had the privilege of attending a workshop with Annette Smith in Scottsdale, Arizona who has been an inspiration to her. Additionally, she has also done portrait training with Ona Kingdon, an accomplished watercolour artist, holding the position of president of the International Watercolour Society in Canada. Currently Hanna is working on mastering painting at the Virtual Art Academy.


With more of her commissioned art pieces showing up in households around Westman, Hanna has begun to expand and display her work in our gallery area.